I finally got around to getting the Reignmaker guitar speaker made by Eminence Speakers for my Marshall 2061x. The head has no master volume and is the loudest 20 watts you’ve ever heard!!  I’ve been asked to turn it down in 800 seat clubs, no joke. 

Soooooo…  The Reignmaker sounds GREAT!!  NO degradation of tone at all and it reels the volume into a nice spot with just a 4-5 db rollback on the attenuator.

Of equal importance is the overall speaker’s tone itself is really, really good.  It’s replacing a Vintage 30 and I’m super impressed with the tone.  I’m not gonna miss that V-30 at all…. killer tone here!

This attenuating speaker actually works!

I sold my THD hotbox years ago as it made all things sound like…  well, just bad. These days you can still spend as much $$$ as you like with similar attenuator boxes. I’m willing to bet the results are still not gonna be good. The Reignmaker is THE way to go if you’re trying to tame a non-master volume head OR  just get the power tubes working harder on an amp that has a master volume.  Either way, this is the path.

Fantastic engineering on the Reignmaker guitar speaker.  I say THANK YOU to Eminence Speakers for making it and THANK YOU to Cobi Stein for having me on Team Eminence.

Steve Schuffert


Check Eminence Speakers out here at www.eminence.com

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