My first children’s book entitled  “Patch the Polar Bear in A Polar Bear Snow Day” was published!

I am honored and grateful that Boris Bunning out of Stade, Germany did such a great job publishing a bilingual (German and English) version of my story.  Another huge thanks to Insa Segebade for doing an excellent job translating the story and getting the project started.

The book was inspired when I was in the process of moving to Utah.  My girlfriend Joni had lined up a visit to the local zoo for us to meet the brand new polar bear. The newly relocated polar bear seemed to have adjusted nicely to it’s surroundings and had so much personality.  It seems I had a special connection with the new polar bear 🙂

We had a beautiful winter season with lots of sunshine and snowy landscapes.  It seemed like Joni lived for the ‘powder’ days and loved being outside while it was snowing.  I started calling her “Polar Bear” as a fun little nickname whenever she would go outside.

I gave Joni a gift as a thank you for all of the work she was doing to help me get started as a musician in Park City.  I knew it would make her laugh.  Polar Pads!

Patch the Polar Bear

Joni had suggested a children’s book on polar bears one night while we were talking.  I had written a children’s story many years ago so it seemed like a great idea.

So I wrote the story. It’s about the adventure of a young polar bear named Patch who set out to rescue his little polar bear girlfriend Joni who got caught up in a snowstorm.

“Patch the Polar Bear” is available now on Amazon if you are interested in purchasing.

I hope you like it.

Thank you in advance 🙂



Patch the Polar Bear




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