Who releases a 3 disc compilation cd with 50 songs for $9.99 ??   I do…

This release of Steve Schuffert Band music is a compilation of the first three cd’s originally released in Europe on the Fortune Records Label starting in 1997 and also a solo cd released independently in 2008.

“Plug In and Play” Tracks 1-15
“Terminal Blue” Tracks 16-29
“In Color” Tracks 30-42
“Thanks for the Ride” Tracks 43-50 ( track 47 features Jim Horn of Beatles & Stones fame on Saxophone! )

This new release marks the first time fans from around the world can now listen to and enjoy this music that was sold almost exclusively at live shows during the bands touring years 1996-2012 in Europe.

This compilation is offered at an outstanding value with 50 tracks at the extremely low price of $9.99! You can also choose to download single tracks as well of course at regular prices of 99 cents per track. All of the tracks have been newly remastered ensuring the highest quality audio possible.

From 1996 through 2012, the Steve Schuffert Band toured Europe annually and sometimes twice a year on three month jaunts playing in seven countries reaching thousands of fans and creating golden memories. Altogether, nine cd’s were released during that time period, most of which are presently available online here at CdBaby, iTunes and other sites.

My most heartfelt, sincere thanks go out to my co-writers, publishers, family, friends, and most importantly the band; Pete Tomarakos on Bass, Matt Carmichael on Drums and Fortune Records label president/manager Thomas Bauer for making this all possible.

Also my Very Special Thanks to Joni for her enduring love and support…

It is with honor and great pleasure that this compilation is made available to fans who want to complete their collection and to those hearing Steve Schuffert Band music for the first time. Please feel free to reach out to me via my website, FaceBook, Twitter etc. I love hearing from you!

Thank You!
Steve Schuffert December 2016

Cover Photo; Ray Kennedy

Here’s the link, thanks for looking and even more for buying…


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