Sometimes, great things just fall into your lap.

I was doing some research on guitar picks and which materials were best. I came across a website for a company called Blue Chip Picks  that was making guitar picks from a man made material that very closely imitated a tortoise shell pick… and even surpasses it. Vintage tortoise shell picks were said to produce the warmest, smoothest response for guitars.  Thank heavens the use of their shells has long been outlawed and now they are protected as they are such beautiful, majestic animals! Tortoises are indeed one of my faves…and they are safe 🙂
Blue Chip Picks Tortoise
After reading through the very well laid out and informative Blue Chip Picks website and numerous reviews, I was certainly intrigued enough to try one out. They offer a vast amount of shapes and thicknesses along with different types of bevels on the picks as well. It was very easy to select one that closely matched the pick I’m currently using.  Three days later the pick arrived and I honestly have to say in less than 20 seconds of using it there was no doubt this was the best pick I had ever used in my long career as a guitar player! It’s THAT good.


It’s important to realize that your pick is the very first connection that your body makes to the strings. This pick is an absolute tone monster that makes that first connection the best I’ve ever experienced.  It feels really great in your fingers, smooth, sure and solid with an excellent grip.


The SOUND is really extraordinary…

I would describe it as really, warm, round and organic…even soulful.  It exhibits no clicky noises whatsoever and comes off the strings super fast and smooth as butter.  It truly brings out the very best of whatever guitar you use it with.  Amazing.  I’ve decided it’s like the Analog pick for the Digital age!


 Yep, these babies are slightly expensive at $35.   BUT they don’t wear out!  I read some reviews of players using them for up to four years with STILL no sign of wear…how cool is that ? Therefore buying ONE of these picks is the equivalent to buying an endless supply of whatever pick you normally use (your gonna end up saving hundreds of dollars!) If you’re like me you’ve invested some serious money into your guitars, effects, amps etc. I’ve found this pick to be the ‘diamond’ at the start of my tone chain, it’s lifted all those investments just that much higher….well worth every cent.


Treat this pick with the same care you do as with all your musical investments such as your guitar / amp… ie; don’t lose it!  Or be smart and buy two or three.  That’s exactly what I did. They even offer a super cool pouch for storage and laser engraving of your name.

The Company

I called the owner Matthew Goins personally to convey my thoughts and excitement about these picks and found him to be a really great guy.  He’s super down to earth in that cool, old southern way that is typical for those in Knoxville, Tennessee.  He and his staff were just a pleasure to deal with….my favorite type of musical company!

Check them out at

Blue Chip Picks

Thank you for making this fantastic product, Matt!




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